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On our Natural Hair Kids Instagram page we feature adorable little ones that are rocking their natural curls and coils!

We receive 1000s of submissions everyday and unfortunately, cannot post everyone that submits a photo. 

If you want to guarantee that your child is posted on our Instagram page, and get featured within 24 hours, then you MUST purchase a feature! 

Some of our posts have been seen by modeling agencies and hair care brands, and have led to modeling contracts and collaborations with popular haircare brands.*

Scroll through our followers and you will see some very familiar names! Some of which are your favorite brands and even celebrities!


Photo requirements:

  • Only one photo will be featured. If you'd like multiple photos featured then you must purchase a feature for each photo. 
  • Photo cannot promote any business or have any identifiable business logos. If you want to advertise your business, purchase an ad here
  • Photo cannot have any writing or watermarks on it at all (We will tag your photo to the Instagram handle you provide)
  • Child must be fully clothed
  • Photo cannot be of a child that is nude (no bath time pictures, diaper only pictures, etc)

There are no refunds. If the photo you submit does not meet the requirements above, you will be asked to submit a different photo that meets these requirements. 

Photo will remain on our page for at least 30 days. 

After purchase, please email with your order number, Instagram handle and attach the photo that you'd like for us to post of your child.

Your approved photo will be posted within 24 hours after we receive it from you via email

You may not use a coupon for this feature. If you do, your order will be canceled and your child will not be featured. 




*Purchasing a a feature from us does not guarantee any contracts (modeling or otherwise) or partnerships with any brands.