Into the Unknown Turban Headband

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Soft & stretchy fabric has been sewn into a beautiful turban headband. Perfect for any girl, any day of the week! This turban is made from satin stretch material that will protect your hair. Turban width is wide enough to keep your ears warm on those frosty days!

Headband Sizes:
Newborn : fits 13" - 14" head circumference
Infant: 0 - 12 months : fits 14" - 17" head circumference
Toddler (1 - 3 years): fits 17" - 20" head circumference
Child (3 -12 years): fits 20" - 22" head circumference
Teen/Adult: fits 22" - 24" head circumference


*Note* This is not an official Disney Frozen product. This item was made by The Natural Hair Shop with Frozen fabric. The Natural Hair Shop is not associated or affiliated with the original copyright owner.